Cushioning Equipment


The Advantages of AIRplus® for protective packaging: 

  • Reliable: Consistent film quality from Storopack’s own production facilities
  • Diverse: There is an air cushion type for every application
  • Economical: Low use of raw materials due to multi-layer co-extrusion
  • Durable: All equipment has excellent mechanical properties as the proven industry standard
  • Environment: AIRplus® film types can be #2 curbside recycled or composted in accordance with ASTM 6400 and DIN Certco EN 13432
  • Saves space: On-demand systems for minimal storage
  • Integrates: Compact, user-friendly devices allow key placement in packing areas
  • Convenient Disposal: one step to deflate packaging material leaving only the empty film


    PAPERplus® Shooter Paper Void Fill Machine


    Our fast paper void fill system produces a bulkier multi-layer protective paper packing material that gives you a greater yield from your one-ply Kraft paper packing supplies than crumpled paper systems. It offers better protection than crumpled paper, plus it speeds packing and reduces worker fatigue. In addition, this well constructed, high-tech machine offers ergonomics and flexible features for working comfort and improved productivity.


    • Very fast variable speed output of 220 - 720 fpm allows fit-for-purpose application and helps control cost
    • Paper crimping system traps air to create bulkier void fill using less paper
    • Hands-free foot pedal operation
    • Specially designed dispensing carton for fast easy roll changes
    • Ergonomic height adjustment
    • Free rotating head
    • Easy set up, neat, clean
    • Recyclable and reusable

    Contact your sales associate or customer service for more information and to schedule a demonstration.



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