Foam Wrap


Key Features

Made from 100% low density polyethylene (ldpe)
Highly flexible and perfect for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning

Manufactured without the use of cfc’s or hcfc’s
Helps keep the environment protected by not using ozone depleting chemicals

100% recyclable
Environmentally friendly

Non abrasive
Will not scratch of damage finely finished surfaces

Lint and dust free
Will not mark or contaminate products highly sensitive products
Moisture repellent (closed cell construction)
Provides superior protection against water, grease and solvents (below 130°

 All foam is sold by the bundle only and can be slit down to 6" rolls and perforated at 12" at no extra cost.

Please designate "Slit and Perf" (or No Slit/No Perf) for all bulk bundles of foam.



SKU Name U/M Qty
50007171 FOAM P.E. 48"X900' 1/16" BDL BDL
50007181 FOAM P.E. 48"X900' 1/16" BDL BDL
50007251 FOAM P.E. 48"X450' 1/8" BDL BDL
50007261 FOAM P.E. 48"X450' 1/8" BDL BDL
50007132 FOAM P.E. 48"X1350' 1/32" BDL BDL
50007172 FOAM P.E. 48"X900' 1/16" BDL BDL
50007212 FOAM P.E. 48"X600' 3/32" BDL BDL
50007292 FOAM P.E. 48"X300' 3/16" BDL BDL
50007332 FOAM P.E. 48"x225' 1/4" BDL BDL
50007822 FOAM P.E. 48"x125' 1/2" BDL BDL
50007372 FOAM P.E. 60"X1350' 1/32" BDL BDL
50007412 FOAM P.E. 60"X900' 1/16" BDL BDL
50007452 FOAM P.E. 60"X600' 3/32" BDL BDL
50007492 FOAM P.E. 60"X450' 1/8" BDL BDL
50007532 FOAM P.E. 60"x300' 3/16" BDL BDL
50007572 FOAM P.E. 60"X225' 1/4" BDL BDL
50007612 FOAM P.E. 72"x1350' 1/32" BDL BDL
50007652 FOAM P.E. 72"X900' 1/16" BDL BDL
50007692 FOAM P.E. 72"X600' 3/32" BDL BDL
50007732 FOAM P.E. 72"x450' 1/8" BDL BDL
50007812 FOAM P.E. 72"X225' 1/4" BDL BDL
50008222 FOAM P.E 48"x900 ANTI-STAT 1/16 BDL BDL
50008232 FOAM P.E. 48"X450 ANTI-STAT 1/8 BDL BDL
50008312 FOAM P.E. 48"X225 ANTI-STAT 1/4 BDL BDL
50008472 FOAM P.E. 60"x450 ANTI-STAT 1/8 BDL BDL