Machine Stretch Wrap


  • Machine stretch wrap designed for high speed and automated operations
  • Multiple-layered structured cast film has superior strength and stretch
  • High clarity allows bar-code scanning at any stage of handling
  • Exceeds 300% pre-stretch on A and B load profiles
SKU Name Qty
53020101 MACHINE FILM CAST 20"X5000 80GA (40 ROLL/PALLET) RL
53020111 MACHINE FILM CAST 19.7"X5000 63GA HI-PERFORMANCE (50 roll/pallet) RL
53020102 MACHINE FILM 20"X5000 80G COLOR 40 ROLL/PALLET (full pallet only) RL
53020112 MACHINE FILM CAST 20"X5000 90GA 40 ROLL/PALLET (full pallet buy only) RL
53020132 MACHINE FILM 20"X3500' 115GA 40 ROLL/PALLET (full pallet buy only) RL