Specialty Cable Ties

Specialty Cable Ties

Specialty Cable Ties (including Winged Push Mount Cable Ties) by Cable Tie ExpressKilmer, Wagner & Wise provides you with a complete line of specialty cable ties for all of your cable and wire management requirements. No matter your application or specific environment, we can provide the specialty zip tie with the unique features to get the job done.  And like all our products, we only carry quality cable and zip ties made from the best materials and the most reliable manufacturers.  

Specialty Cable Ties & Tie Wraps

  • Specialty Cable Ties (including Mounting Hole Cable Ties) by Cable Tie Express Beaded Cable Ties -releasable tie provides easy installation, additions or reuse
  • Colored & Fluorescent Cable Ties - provide greater visibility and color coding
  • Heat Stablilzed Cable Ties -are used in applications when resistance to higher temperatures is needed
  • Idendtification Cable Ties - enable simple bundling and identification at the same time
  • Mil-spec Cable Ties (Military-Specified Cable Ties) - conform to the Military Specification #3367
  •  Mounting Holes Cable Ties – secure cables and wires to panels, walls and ceilings with a mechanical fastener
  • Push Mount Cable Ties -great for applications that require one step fastening and for securely attaching wire bundles to walls or panels
  •  Releasable Cable Ties - ideal for applications requiring reuse, additions or removal of wires
  •  Stainless Steel Cable Ties - perfect for use in harsh, corrosive environments, including severe temperatures, chemical or salt exposure
  • Tefzel Cable Ties - are used in applications that require resistance to environmental stresses such as chemicals, gamma radiation, ultraviolet radiation, and extreme temperatures.
  • Additional Specialty Cable Ties - additional specialty ties including Fir Tree Ties, Flame Retardant Ties, Ladder Ties, Low Profile Ties, and Stainless Steel Tooth Ties, can be sourced from Cable Tie Express.

Lengths and Strengths

  • Lengths – 3” – 60”
  • Strengths – 18 lb – 250 lb

Cable Tie Materials

Kilmer, Wagner & Wise supplies products made of the highest quality material.  Depending on your specific need, we can provide specialty zip ties for indoor or outdoor use, ties that can withstand sunlight or heat exposure, or cable ties that are resistant to certain chemicals.


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