Conventional Cable Ties

Conventional Cable Ties

KWW Paper carries an extensive line of conventional cable ties, tie wraps and zip ties in a variety of colors and strengths. With Kilmer, Wagner & Wise you can be confident you are receiving the highest quality available. We use only the best manufacturers and test product specifications in our own quality department to ensure your product will meet or exceed expectations. 

Conventional Cable Tie Products

  • Miniature Cable Ties - 18 lb.Conventional Cable Ties, Zip Ties, Tie Wraps (Cable Tie Express)
  • Intermediate Cable Ties - 40 lb.
  • Standard Cable Ties - 50 lb.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Ties - 120 lb.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties - 175 lb.
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Cable Ties - 250 lb.


Zip Tie Lengths and Strengths

  • Lengths – 3” – 60”
  • Strengths – 18 lb – 250 lb

Cable Tie Materials

Depending on your specific application, we can provide zip ties for indoor or outdoor use, ties that can withstand sunlight or heat exposure, or cable ties that are resistant to certain chemicals.  Regardless of your specific requirements, Cable Tie Express can provide both the product and expertise you need.

Cable Tie Colors

Tie Wraps are available in a variety of colors in addition to UV Black and Natural. Colored cable ties are used anytime when distinguishing ties are needed, such as in the racing industry or for applications requiring identification of wire bundling.

  • Standard Colors – Natural, Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple
  • Fluorescent Colors – Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink


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