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Our 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3798 LM is specifically designed with 100% solid thermoplastic resins that become fluid when heated. This low melt application releases at 120°F, a temperature low enough to bond to paper and most plastics as well as a wide variety of other substrates, including most coated surfaces. This adhesive cools, hardens, and bonds within seconds and reaches strength without clamping, allowing for quick and repeated application where needed while saving time and energy by eliminating undue processes.

With a 30 second open time there's ample opportunity for positioning and fit adjustment to support high-tempo productivity for packing and mailing applications. Designed specifically for optimum release, our gummy glue won't leave behind unwanted residue or residual tack from bonded objects.

About Hot Melt Adhesives
Hot melt adhesives encompass a range of characteristics. Low melt adhesives/ hot-glue sticks have a relatively low melting point depending on the formulation, and are applied with low-temperature applicators, commonly referred to as hot-glue guns. Low-melt adhesives are beneficial in that they can be used to bond heat sensitive materials such as foam and a range of plastics. They provide a nearly instant bond, but when the bond is reheated, some varieties will soften, allowing the bonded surfaces to be separated. The aggressive hot tack nature of low-melt adhesives speeds up production and assembly operations that involve light gauge metals, some plastics, and other non-fibrous materials in addition to building display boards, floral displays, and hobby projects. These adhesives are also used in manufacturing, assembly and packaging processes, window, door, construction, transportation, electronics, and other industries, as well as in woodworking, assembling building store displays, convention sample boards, trophies, novelties, upholstery, furniture, audio components, and cabinets.

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